Self Stirring Mug

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Are you (or is there someone that you know) who is busy, that they don’t even have time to stir their own coffee? Then the Whirlpool Self Stir Mug is the perfect solution for you (or them!).

It’s Not a Joke: It Really Works!

Love hot drinks, nut hate how even after 1 minute of stirring lie it recommends on the back of the package, you still have clumps of powder in your hot drink? The Whirlpool Self Stir Mug is the solution. It may sound a bit silly… but just try it. We promise you, your packet of drinks has never tasted better.

The Whirlpool Self Stir Mug creates just that: A whirlpool that blends your hot drinks to creamy perfection.

People may chuckle when they first tale a look at it: But when they try the delicious, creamy drink it makes, they’ll be asking you where you got it so that they can buy one too!

It’s Safe and Easy to Use

The revolutionary Whirpool Self Stir Mug works with 2AAA batteries. It has been specially designed to be safe, ensuring that no liquid ever touches the batteries. The mug has 3 small blades that spring to action when you push the button on the mug, plus a lid with a sip hole, which means you can stir your coffee (or hot drink) even while in the car. Perfect for taking on the go!

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