Paw Pet Sofa

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Pet Sofa Dog Beds Waterproof Bottom Soft Fleece Warm Cat Bed House

  • PERFECT FOR CUDDLING: The Sofa Pet Dog Bed features a three-bolster design that allows your pup to sleep in a variety of positions, while providing plenty of cushioned headrest space and cozy corners for snuggling into.
  • SLEEP SURFACE: Plush faux fur tops the mattress cushion, accompanied by silken suede bolsters. Both materials are gentle on noses and paws, providing a mix of luxurious comfort and delightfully cozy snuggles.
  • EASY ON JOINTS: Fleece conforms to your pet's unique figure to provide relief for aching joints and muscles, while recycled fluffy railings offer orthopedic assistance for hips and back. The bed is also made accessible for elderly and disabled pets.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: We know that pets can present some unique cleaning challenges - that's why we made the dog bed cover completely machine washable.
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