Mini Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

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Must have Facial cleaning brush in this stressful life.

 It helps you give that fresh look always and with minimum efforts.

Silicone facial cleaning brush is made of high grade silicone which helps to clean your face by taking out all the dirt, clean the pores, clear fine lines & exfoliate the skin.

 It has thousands of micro silicone beads that clear the dirt deep from your pores and will give your face a new and glowing look.

It serve both the cleansing and massaging purpose. One side of the brush can be used for the cleansing and other side can be used as massager. It has dual application.

  • Waterproof - Has IPX7 waterproofing which makes it easy to use with water
  • Rechargeable - Has USB charging that can be charged with any usb charger. Built in light indicators are their for proper indications.
  • High quality silicone, Soft on face, Provides effective cleaning of facial temples. Medical grade silica gel
  • Reusable and easy to handle.
  • Fast Cleaning and Automatic Foaming
  • Portable - Can be carried in your bag.
  • Power Source - USB charging
  • Suitable for all skin types