32 Professional Makeup Brushes With Holder Bag

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The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Brushes

Discover all the tips you need to build your very own beauty tool kit
Not everyone can be a professional makeup artist, but you can deliver the same results for your looks with the right tools.

Here are some basic brushes every cosmetic user should own, and how they help make you look picture-perfect!

#Makeup Brushes for Foundation Choose the tool that best suits the coverage you desire and take your pick of liquid, powder, stick or cream foundations for all skin tones and types.

For higher coverage, the best brushes for applying your favorite full-cover foundations are **dense flat-top brushes** that seamlessly buff heavier foundations into your skin or **paddle shape brushes** that build coverage while getting into every facial nook and cranny.

For lower coverage, the tools for sheer, natural and lightweight foundation applications include **stippling brushes** that apply foundation liquids and powders with a light touch or **beauty sponges** that give you a flawless and natural-looking finish out of any foundation.

#Makeup Brushes for Eyes All the basics you need for a perfectly blended and defined eye look. Take your pick from eye palettes, cream shadows, and singles to create your favorite eye look.

**Blending Brush**: Keep things looking seamless and blended with fluffy brushes. When in doubt, blend more.

**Eye Detail Brush**: Skinny liner brushes and slim angled brushes give you a sharp wing, while small flat brushes are perfect for tight lining.

**All-over Shadow Brush**: A larger, flat, tapered eye brush helps deposit a quick wash of color all over your lids.

**Crease Brush**: Slim tapered brushes let you apply your shadows more precisely to define your crease.
##Makeup Brushes for Blush Bring colour to your cheeks with a liquid blush for a sheer and dewy finish, a cream blush for more intensity, or a powder blush to build up and stay matte. Start with a light hand when it comes to blush as it’s easier to build up than it is to take away.

**Synthetic Stippling Brush**: Great for a skin-like finish with liquid or cream blushes.

**Natural Angled Brush**: Lets you build up the intensity of powder blush.

#Makeup Brushes for Bronzer Bring warmth to your complexion with a warm-toned bronzer that gives your skin a sun-kissed glow without the sun damage. Choose large fluffy powder brushes for all-over powder bronzing, or synthetic stippling brushes for cream and liquid bronzers.

**Dense Synthetic Cheek Brush**: Keeps liquid or cream bronzers looking more natural and blended.

**Fluffy Powder Brush**: Use a light touch for an all-over kiss of bronzer.

#Makeup Brushes for Contouring Contours should be more neutral or cool-toned to mimic the depth and natural shadows. Blend creams with a stippling or dense domed brushes and powders with natural-bristle angled blush brushes.

**Synthetic Domed Brush**: Keeps your cream contour more precise yet blended.

**Natural Angled Cheek Brush**: Choose a smaller angled brush for a defined contour.

#Makeup Brushes for Highlighting Play up the high points of your face with precision. Liquid and cream highlighters give a more skin-like finish while powder highlights are a good way to pack a powerful glow.

**Fan Brush**: Applies powder highlighters with a more subtle sheen.

**Fluffy Tapered Brush**: Packs on a powder or blends out a cream highlight.